Opulent prints and timeless classics

A range of carefully curated, intricately designed, stunning textile collections. The Colour House has got you covered for all your fabric needs from patterns to prints, our collection has something for every demand.

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Anna Hayman

Anna Hayman Designs is a luxury, print design company whose signature products include lampshades, cushions, fabrics and wallpapers.

Anna has also recently launched a range of encaustic tiles. You can find a display of her luxurious best selling designs at The Colour House Design Hub, 26 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells.


Andrew Martin

Discover the extensive range of globally inspired fabric designs. From vibrant colours to bold animal prints, this collection has something for every taste and space.

From silks to weaves, velvets and linens, Andrew Martin fabrics are produced to the highest quality using carefully sourced materials.

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