As a nation, we’ve never been more in tune with the impact we have on our planet and the importance of having a sustainable home. These days, making eco-savvy choices is part and parcel of life, and naturally, this has even filtered into home decor. A hub of design and decoration, our team of experts, have joined the sustainability movement. If you’re looking for an honest interior that is equally stylish, here’s our roundup of five ways to go green.

Opt for sustainable paint

Nontoxic paints are an ethical way to give your home a new look. Unlike conventional paint, they don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be hazardous to your home and health. Whats more, our custom-made colours have outstanding opacity, so you actually require less paint to achieve your dream look. Chose sustainable paints, made from natural earth pigments; our preferred suppliers are Andrew Martin or Mylands.

Source eco-friendly furniture

Sustainable design is not another trend; it’s a mindset and the choices we make. So if you’re looking for a custom-made piece, it helps to research the producer, making sure their manufacturing processes are kind to the environment. Having eco-friendly furniture in the home is hugely beneficial – you know they’re built to last for a start. We collaborate and work with the brands Gabriella James and London Encaustic whose dining chairs and copper baths are traditionally crafted with authentic materials.

Choose surfaces wisely

When it comes to worktops and splash backs, there are many choices, but some are more sustainable than others. The main thing is to keep materials local; it’s not very eco-friendly if your kitchen worktop has been flown halfway around the world. Likewise, look for surfaces that are easy to clean, take less time to produce but promise to last a lifetime. Marble 2 Marvel is our precious stone expert, and their environmental commitment is essential to our brand and our clients.

Go for green flooring solutions

For the environmentally conscious, there’s now a stunning array of flooring options widely available. Whether cork, bamboo, glass tiles or wood, it’s never been easier to create a stylish yet green interior. If you love a hardwood floor and would like to minimise your impact, our experts combine luxury with peace of mind. Handmade to order from their workshop in Sussex, these master craftsmen offer natural wood flooring to suit all tastes.

Include plenty of plants in your home decor

Known for their visual beauty, houseplants look great in just about any room. They also filter out harmful chemicals and are said to boost concentration, making them essential for our general wellbeing. If plant maintenance sounds too much, don’t be tempted by novelty versions – these are essentially designed with a short lifespan to encourage repeat buying. Instead, opt for a hardy Snake plant that can handle neglect, it just might need a dust every once in a while.

Create a sustainable home with our hub

Thank you for reading our post; we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring ways to reduce your interior footprint. We anticipate opening our studio soon, but for now, we have zoom – why not drop us a line for advice on eco-friendly home decor? Thanks again.