A way of combatting stress, biophilic design is a fast-growing philosophy within interior decor. It involves making the most of sensory elements like texture and light and combining them with natural materials and colour for a restorative vibe. The idea of biophilia was introduced in the eighties and is still loved today by homeowners seeking the feeling of protection and calm. But how can we embrace this at home? Read on to find out – here are five ways to connect your home with the outdoors.

Maximise natural daylight

Known as the sunshine drug, Vitamin D is vital for our everyday health. Natural light is said to significantly improve mood and help us sleep much better, not to mention create a more sustainable home. Maximise every ray, and you’ll reap the rewards as well as regulate the natural rhythm of your body and mind. Start by switching heavy curtains for a light or semi-sheer fabric so you can enjoy natural light along with your privacy.

Embrace the colours of mother nature

Colour plays a powerful role when it comes to the home, even affecting our emotional state. In terms of choosing the right shade for your walls, take your cue from nature and try to mimic elements that make you feel good. For instance, blue is the most prevalent organic colour, followed by green and other earthier shades. Why not browse our custom paint colours to perfect your look and pull the outside indoors?

Mix a combination of organic materials

To further embrace mother nature, choose materials carefully for furniture, floors, kitchen worktops and more. We can’t get enough of luxurious, natural stone from our experts at Marble 2 Marvel and engineered timber flooring from our local flooring company . Well-crafted and practical joinery is also a must to complement this sophisticated laid-back look. Add a sprinkling of rattan and cork with polished accents, and you’ve got yourself a luxury interior that’s well connected with nature.

Weave plant life into your decor

Not only do plants look insanely gorgeous, but they can also help to purify your home. If you’re looking to connect your home with the outdoors bring plant life inside by starting with a few small potted plants on shelves. We especially love Macramé hanging planters, a revived 70s trend which to this day are still very boho-chic. Green is also one of the most relaxing of colours and the best thing about plants, you don’t need to be green-fingered to enjoy them at all.

Fill your home with natural aromas

As well as using visual elements, subtle scents are key to fill your home with natural wonder. Herbs are ideal for the kitchen and double up as food and fragrance – why not consider having a planter built into the worktop? Other seasonal scents will also keep your home smelling fresh and in tune with what’s going on outside. Think warming spices in winter or peonies and jasmine in spring – essential oils are also a must-have home purchase.

Thank you for reading our post – we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring biophilic design. If you’re ready to bring nature into your life, we would love to assist – why not have a chat with our team to learn more? Thanks again.