Two buzzwords in interior design are textures and patterns, both of which can add instantaneous style. But how can you work these at home? Read on to explore the home decor trends with no rules.

How to use texture in your interior design:

Layer it up

Home decor and layering, go hand in hand for a rich look that’s full of depth. Start by visualising what you’d like to achieve, then begin adding those layers, using subtly varying colours and fabrics. If you prefer a more neutral palette, opt for natural linens contrasted with wicker, rattan and mellow wood floors. For those who seek a more decadent look, think sumptuous velvet and silk with lots of piping, fringing and of course, tassels.

Decorate with plants and flowers

Another easy and unique way to add a bit of texture is to decorate with plants and flowers. Every houseplant is different in form, from its height to its colour, and will produce a lovely effect no matter the room. Flowers also help soften clean lines and prevent a clinical look, especially if you can’t resist white walls. We’d recommend matching any vases you use to an existing room texture to bring the space together as one.

 Remember to use great lighting

Great lighting is key to make a home feel finished and burst with warm character too. In fact, it’s the most multi-layered subject of all when it comes to texture, adding dimension to a room at just the flick of a switch.

How to use pattern in your home decor:

Anchor the space with an oversized rug

As a general rule of thumb, the floor covering should be the most striking pattern in the room. A rug with an oversized pattern will help anchor the space and create visual interest when contrasted with others.

 Represent your style with wallpaper and fabrics

Injecting colour and depth, wallpaper and fabric make it easy to play around with pattern. Your home should be a reflection of you and your personal taste, so experiment with arrangements of varying origin and scale. Pattern matching is also currently big so if you’re feeling bold, co-ordinate your wallpaper with your sofa fabric. We can’t get enough of Anna Hayman Designs and her eclectic signature style.

Depict an era with pattern

You can’t beat a vintage pattern, and Anna Hayman is our go-to girl for beaded lampshades, cushions and stools. What goes around usually comes back again, and we can’t get enough of 1920’s Art Deco!

Where to begin if textures and patterns scare you

A little of what you fancy is a good place to start if you’re feeling nervous about decorating with textures and patterns. Alternatively, if you’re looking for interior advice, why not book a zoom call with us at The Colour House of Tunbridge Wells, we would love to help dress your rooms for a spectacular effect!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about how to use textures and patterns around the house. Thanks for reading.