Bespoke Luxury Interiors

Anna is known for her dark and dramatic trend-aware prints, specialising in velvets, wallpapers, lampshades and cushions

Bespoke Luxury Interiors

We collaborate with Anna to offer luxury interiors and prints to include lampshades, cushions, fabrics and wallpapers.

You can find a display of her luxurious best selling designs at The Colour House of Tunbridge Wells, 26 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells.

Anna's opulent print designs take inspiration from nature as well as Anna’s love of early twentieth century design, architecture and interiors. From the art deco design of the roaring twenties to the retro graphic prints of the Sixties and Seventies, each of Anna’s designs has a story to tell about Twentieth Century art. Anna also takes commissions for interior design projects as well as for one-off pieces.

All the designs in the collection are created from original drawings and lino prints. The colour choices of black, gold, silver and signature teal reflect the luxury and opulence of the art deco and art nouveau period where sleek finishes and luxury materials such as gold and silver were popular in interior design.

Finally the designs go digital, ready to replicate and print onto luxury velvets and duchess satin for the fabric collection which create the beautiful fringed cushions and lampshades. Alongside these is a collection of luxurious shimmering wallpapers.


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