Trends come and go, but if there’s one thing for sure, flowers are forever in fashion. Whether faux or real, the right type of flower can enrich and improve a space. They also look fab in just about any room and are good for the soul; promoting health, relaxation and sleep. Not sure where to begin? Here are some flower decorating ideas you can easily re-create at home.

Welcoming pampas wreaths

Pampas grass is the trendy new plant taking over Instagram. Neutral in colour with a textured appearance, a pampas display will go with any kind of interior style. We especially love a decorative wreath made using dried flowers to add character to any space. Hang on a door or wall to welcome your guests – they’re also perfect for Christmas and weddings!

Foliage in the foyer

Your hallway is the first place you see when you return home so ideal for a great flower arrangement. Choose something pretty yet calm for an elegant touch like purple Anemones with lush eucalyptus. If you can’t resist an air-cleansing house plant, big and dramatic works best, especially if your ceilings are tall. A Banana leaf plant or Kentia palm will create a striking new look and the effect of hiring an interior designer.

Living room Lagurus (aka bunny tails)

Instagrammable, fluffy and gorgeously cute, white Lagurus is big this season. Affectionately known as bunny tails, these dried flowers are great for bouquets or styled alone in a simple narrow-neck vase. We love their elegant stems and flossy full heads – perfect for creating a laid back living room vibe. Keep away from water and out of direct sunlight to get the most out of these creamy florals.

Dinner party posies

A classic dinner party wouldn’t be complete without a centrepiece or selection of vases. A platform to showcase your artistic flair as well as surprise and delight, flowers will bring home the glamour for just about any occasion. Make sure to choose a fragrance-free type to avoid disrupting the palette, the last thing guests need is the taste of flowers with their meal. Sunflowers, poppies and dahlias all make a great choice as do winter cactus or holly if you want something more festive.

Bedside table blooms

Think a master bedroom doesn’t need flowers? The health benefits alone are impressive. Not only will flowers brighten your room, but they’ll also brighten your mood thanks to their natural filtration system. A pretty posy of roses will make a great bedside accent, especially in pink or soft coral. Additionally, the Japanese Peace Lily is said to banish most harmful toxins, but keep this one up high as it can be toxic to both humans and pets!

The Colour House for flower decorating ideas

As you can see, a combination of real and faux flowers with the right type of vase can take your interior to the next level. We invite you to discuss your ideas with us for fine decoration that will never lose beauty or style. Thank you for reading.