One of the simplest ways to create a harmonious look is with monochromatic decor. It’s a term, however, often misunderstood, so let’s clear things up, read on to learn more about this interior style.

What does monochromatic mean?

Far from simply just black and white, monochromatic can loosely be translated into ‘one colour’. In a nutshell, this means using many different shades of the same colour to draw attention to parts of the room you’d like to be noticed.

What can monochromatic do?

If you’re looking to highlight a room feature, say a decorative ceiling, monochromatic is a great direction to take. By also choosing one colour, in lots of similar tones, this technique can make a small room feel larger. It can also create a free-flowing vibe and have a dramatic effect on how you feel in the home. Too many loud contrasting colours can feel overwhelming to some but this scheme ticks all the boxes.


When considering colours for your scheme, we’d recommend three; your main shade and two other light and dark variations. This will help you to create a cohesive new look without too much thought and allow other elements to shine. It also pays to consider your room’s mood when it comes to this decor; will the space be used for sleeping, socialising or reading? Blues, greys and lilacs will build a base for serene whereas browns and pinks are traditionally warmer colours.


One thing about monochromatic decor is that it does come with the fear of a bare looking room. If this is a concern for you, this is where texture comes in to really bring the space to life. For a bedroom, consider a textured headboard in a similar shade or a wallpapered ceiling instead. In fact, decorative ceilings add plenty of visual interest, even when painted in a colour that’s very much alike to the walls.

Attention to detail

When it comes to a monochromatic scheme, you can run the risk of merging your room into one. Attention to detail is, therefore, key, so choose fixtures and fittings with care. They don’t have to be bold, just slightly different to make a huge difference against your chosen palette. Brass and copper fixings will make an excellent choice as will ornate gilded trims by our expert Xanthe at XL Effects.

Keep it united but break things up

The beauty of monochromatic decor is that it allows you the luxury of easily updating your home. Once you’ve established a base with texture and colour, you can begin to choose pieces that showcase your personality and break up the scheme. Think a sumptuous rug and wooden flooring, source the essentials and layer your design. Unity is vital to define an interior so play by the rules, and you’ll nail this look.

Monochromatic decor and specialist painting

Stick with the same undertones and hues, and you’ll find it easy to work monochromatic decor at home. Just be sure to use a palette you love and don’t pick a trending colour, or you’ll find your new scheme looks dated fast.

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