Once upon a time, an all-white scheme was the go-to design for the kitchen. Nowadays, our tastes have moved on, and homeowners crave more – not everyone wants their kitchen to match. This is why two-tone kitchens are a really great way to mix things up and create a statement. Contrasting the colours of your cabinets can make a smart impact – let’s take a look at ideas.

Iconic white with a pop of colour

If your kitchen is already white, but you fancy a change, have you thought about painting the lower cabinets? This way, you’re not committing to the whole kitchen, and it will still feel airy with the added mood in the form of bold colour. Add a pop with deep teal, royal blue or grass green to instantly warm up the space. Our Mylands collection has many sumptuous shades that will do just the trick from Maritime to Observatory and Primrose Hill.

Inject metallic glamour

Looking to jazz up your kitchen? Try metal trims, which once installed, will create the most beautiful contrast. Metallics are a great way to make your kitchen feel glam and the space feel enlarged thanks to their ability to bounce light around. Available in a selection of colours from copper to brass, metal trims will create a truly high-end feel. We say pair a gleaming brass finish with a deep navy or cream – we love Mayfair Dark and Whitehall from Mylands.

 Wood and white with encaustic tiles

If Moroccan interiors are totally you, then this scheme might just hit the spot. For a laid-back travellers vibe, pair white units with wood worktops to create plenty of natural warmth. Mylands Osterley paint is a gentle shell-like pink when used along with Pure White. Finish the look with bold floor tiles in a fabulous pattern like Zahora by London Encaustic.

Shake it up with monochrome

Shaker cupboard doors are a sensible choice for a kitchen that has a timeless style. We’d recommend also going for real timber options which can be re-painted so you can play around with trends as you please. One way to create a premium look is to balance your colours like, for instance, with a monochrome scheme. Mylands Sloane Square and Archway House are two paints that will create a simple but very elegant look.

Choose a tonal palette

If you’re in love with two shades of the same colour and totally torn, there’s no reason you have to pick just one. Instead, why not choose both for your kitchen? It’ll create a tonal palette and a sophisticated, grown-up vibe. For example, take Mylands Mid Wedgwood and Smithfield, two very nice greys; however, one is just a fraction darker than the other. Using the lighter hue for wall cupboards and the other for the floor units will help define the layout and create a multi-zone space.

Thank you for reading our post on two-tone kitchen ideas, a popular trend for a stylish look. If you’re thinking of doing a little renovation at home, why not drop us a line? We would love to talk COLOUR with you! Thanks again.