Our homes are our own personal sanctuary, more than ever before and something as simple as paint can have an effect on our mood. If you’re thinking of overhauling your home in 2021, here are the paint trends you need to look out for.

Brave Ground

Dulux recently revealed their colour for next year as Brave Ground, a warm neutral that’s comforting. It’s not the most daring of colours but it will create calm and act as a backdrop for natural decor. Perfect the organic look with rich earthy walls, white Lagurus or pampas grass in a slim neck vase. Egyptian Grey by Mylands is a similar shade as is African Baobab by our paint experts Andrew Martin.

Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal is another paint trend by US colour producers, Benjamin Moore. A soothing blue-green, with grey undertones, this shade will offer casual elegance at home. Use in a home office or for cabinetry and balance with brick, wood and stone. Recreate this wall colour at home with Hawkesmoor by Mylands or Compass by Andrew Martin.

Other clean shades of blue

Still going strong for next year, blue is another popular choice. An uncomplicated shade that has a soothing effect, blue walls bring serenity to any room. For a good night’s rest, choose a saltwater shade according to the curators at Mylands. Try their Maritime paint which has clean blue tones or Skipper by Andrew Martin.

Calm inducing neutrals

 A polar opposite to the frosty tones which feature in grey, the new neutrals are balmy and warm. Think rich, milky shades and almond toned hues that will create a sense of comfort at home. Both Andrew Martin and Mylands have a vast collection that includes some really gorgeous pale colours. Whitehall and Cloud Forest are our go-to picks – why not order a sample and try them out for yourself?

Trending terracotta

Not for everyone we know but terracotta is big, and it’s still going strong for next year. Pinterest also revealed a significant rise in searches for this shade which achieves a flawless and pure look. Other similar hues include plaster pink and burnt orange – all pigments drawn from natural materials. We love Andrew Martin’s Serengeti for its pink undertones and the earthy Hoxton Grey by Mylands.

Piquant olive green

We’re not sure about you, but our style team have been noting the new arrival of olive. A great colour for either north or east-facing rooms, it works with a soft grey to create a tonal palette reminiscent of the outdoors. Andrew Martin’s Guatemalan Jungle will create a harmonious feel as will Stockwell Green by Mylands. It’s savoury, tasty and we can’t get enough of this restful interior colour.

Thank you for reading our post which explores the paint trends we’re seeing in 2021. If you’re looking for gorgeous wall colour, made with high-quality ingredients – why not talk to us about custom-made paints?