It’s been one heck of a year that has allowed the nation to spend more time at home. Some may call it a blessing in disguise, whatever you think, the pandemic has influenced our home-buying decisions. The base for family entertainment, exercise, school and work, our living spaces have had to work harder than ever. As we adjust to ‘the new normal’, here we take a look at the trends set to shape our homes for years to come.

Multi-use spaces

With 20 million of us swapping the crowded office for makeshift desks, one of the biggest trends we’ve seen is flexible spaces. With four children at home, two dogs and a cat, that report isn’t going to write itself. For this reason, many have chosen to convert a spare room into a quiet home office, but not everyone has this option. For bedrooms on double-duty, there are always wardrobes that open up to reveal a micro-study.

At-home bars

With no more last-minute meals and ‘pops’ to the pub, home entertainment became our only option. In fact, many missed their local so much; they took action, and the amazing lockdown bar was officially born. At The Colour House, we have everything you need to build a self-sufficient home bar. Here’s to happy hour every day with The Joinery Co. and one-off luxury bar stools by Gabriella James Chairmakers.

Happy colour palettes

Interiors and wellbeing go hand in hand, and for many, this starts with colour. Colours that easily blend work with life can help with mindset, like neutral tones greige and beige. A muted colour-scheme is also a move towards minimalism which crucially, won’t clutter the mind. Instead, these hues inspire a peaceful mood and promote clearer thinking, just what you need when you’re stuck at home. Our custom-made paint will create a space of both focus and relaxation. Try any of the light neutrals from our preferred suppliers Mylands.

Home spas

Our bathrooms have long been a space to relax and de-stress, especially after a long day. Just because you’re not actually leaving the house doesn’t mean you don’t get to unwind, health and wellbeing are more essential than ever. This year, many took the opportunity to maximise every inch, some even replacing the shower with a large luxury bath. Our bathing experts, London Encaustic have just the remedy you need; dramatic copper baths for soaking in absolute pleasure.

Connecting indoors with out

With lockdown making it hard to get outside, we’ve never appreciated nature more. People who didn’t have time for much else are now house-plant obsessed, and window sills everywhere are groaning under the weight. Jokes aside, according to Houzz, ‘vegetable garden’ has been one of their most popular search terms this year. Additionally, another term searched was ‘outdoor kitchens’ – hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy these next year with our friends.

Thank you for reading our post on lockdown trends, we’re curious to know if you’ve thought about trying any yourself? With an emphasis on flexible rooms and decor for well-being, why not drop us a line to talk through ideas?