Cheeky Chairs

Beautiful Carved Chairs and Bar Stools that are individually made just for you and your home

Cheeky Chairs

The beauty in a carved chair

The Cheeky Chair story starts with a life-long love for carved wood chairs that Felicity acquired from her Dad. He had an incredible collection of 18th and 19th century chairs created by traditionally skilled craftsmen. Felicity has always felt that carved or framed chairs are the unsung heroes of the household. All too often banished to a dark hallway, a spare bedroom or hidden under a dining table. Worse still, they are blandly dressed to blend and coordinate rather than to shine. A Cinderella-esque fate to stay in the background rather than be the Belle of an interiors Ball.

Cheeky Chairs started a few years ago from their barn in Kent. It came from a belief that Felicity wasn't alone in looking for beautifully crafted dining chairs and bar stools that would fit perfectly in her home.

They started small with their carefully chosen models in just a few designer fabrics and colours. They have since grown the brand to offer a luxury made-to-order service with an array of designer fabric and colour combinations.

As part of our design service you can choose your own style of chair which is individually upholstered, select a fabric of choice and create any finish. This means the chair or stool can be colour matched to suit your interior or a particular paint finish and the height can be adjusted to fit an existing table or kitchen. 


Create your own Bespoke Chair or Barstool

As part of our design led, made-to-order service, you can create your own unique Cheeky Chair or Bar Stool in your choice of Designer fabric and finish to fit absolutely perfectly in your home.


  1. Design Direction

    Connect with our team to discuss which Model you prefer and select any designer fabric from our collections along with your finishing colour. We can help with design direction to compliment any project.

  2. Totally Bespoke

    Create your own bespoke chair or stool by choosing the Model, supplying details of your own fabric and telling us the finishing colour - our specialist finishing team can match any available retail paint colour or create a polished wood finish.

  3. Place Your Order

    Collaborate with The Colour House to define your chair or bar stool of choice, luxury fabric and colour. It will then be perfectly handcrafted to your exact requirements and available for delivery within 6 – 8 weeks subject to stock levels.


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