The Joinery Co.

Blou's Carpentry & Joinery Division is like no other Contractor in their field

The Joinery Co.

The Joinery Co. is part of Blou Construction who have established themselves as one of the leading sub-contractors within the construction industry’s specialist Carpentry & Joinery sector.

While serving the construction industry, they still hold close to their hearts (and minds) that no matter how big or small a project is, it should contain a strong sense of 'craft' and the skill of their staff shine through in everything they create for their clients.

Simply sharing images of the products they offer would not portray these core brand values, so time was spent at their workshops and with their craftsmen to capture the passion and care which they have for their work, and show how that flows through to the quality and attention to detail they are famed for.


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Collaborating with a unique and talented team including designers, colour specialists, paint experts, fine & specialist decorators and bespoke specialists in interior design

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